Abrogation of Article 35A will add fuel to fire: Monga


    SRINAGAR: Senior Congress leader, G.M Monga while talking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that Article 35A is very serious and sub judicial matter which needs to addressed in accordance to the all stake holders of the state.

    “Today we all are well aware about the conditions that are prevailing in the state at present. Any amendment with article 35A or abrogation will add fuel to the fire and the turned may turned out of control as every action has its equal and opposite reaction”, he added.

    “The more oppression they do the more worse they have to face.  Before taking any step they should think many times because the way things are going at present can go bad to worse in no time”, he added.

    Monga further added that media is considered as the 4th pillar of democracy and so should be allowed to work freely.

    “Instead of making each other responsible, a meaningful dialogue process should be started to resolve this burning issue permanently as the situation demands so”, he added.

    He said that the Kashmir issue is attracting interests across the world but the Human Rights Commissions have maintained a criminal salience on the long pending dispute and fail to play a role for what they are created for.

    “Sitting govt has completely failed to regain the confidence and people have no faith on this government. The deteriorating situation in every corner of the valley particularly in South Kashmir is the result of the wrong policies of the ruling government”, he said.

    Monga further said though everyone condemns the innocent killings and the deteriorating situation in the Valley, but unfortunately the BJP is firm on its stand and are not helping in creating a healthy atmosphere where peaceful dialogue process can take place.

    “It seems that if they have nothing with the sufferings of the citizens of the Valley, in particular the women and children. Now the time has come when center needs to take a prompt attention or it will be too late to cater this issue in near future”, he said. (PTK)