Allaipora residents deprived of development allegedly for being pro-Azaadi 


    SRINAGAR : Residents of Allaipora area from Trichal Pulwama accused that the Personal Assistant (PA) of a local legislator is interfering in the process of approval of developmental works to be done in their area.

    Residents also alleged that the step motherly behaviour is being done with Allaipora village as it is considered as a bastion for pro-freedom activities. According to locals, the said PA gets the recommended developmental works rejected at the end of the approval process.

    “Under Gram Sabha, an individual from every locality is selected to represent his locality in the Panchayat, so as the issues faced by the area get highlighted and addressed. Whenever we get the work order forwarded for approval, the Personal Assistant of MLA Rajpora while using his influence gets the final approval scrapped at the last stage.

    “The allotted money for our area is then spent in other areas of his liking. He had once said that let the residents of Alaipora fight for Azadi, they don’t need development. We did come on the roads several times to protest against our plight but our pleas are falling to deaf ears”, said a local Nisar Ahmed.

    The residents say that this indifference by the authorities has led to the deplorable condition of Alaipora locality.

    “Since the PDP came into power, we have never seen repairs of roads being done or any new works being taken up. The drainage system in our area is almost non-existence and the area lies in shambles”, they said.

    They futher said, “Earlier, we never faced any such situation but now it seems that there is Gunda Raj prevalent where the elected MLAs have less access. Not a single work has been executed or initiated under MGNREGA in Alaipora locality. If the government feels we are not its responsibility, they should declare Azadi for our area and cut it off from the rest of the district formally”, said another local”. (PTK)