Authorities foil Geelani’s presser: Spokesman says “details of properties prepared by NIA is fraud”


    SRINAGAR: Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani had today called for an emergency press conference at his Hyderpora residence against the false and baseless allegation of Indian Investigative agency (NIA) and Indian biased media against Syed Ali Geelani, his family and his party men.

    The press conference was called to aware the nation and the world about the reality of these allegations and to expose the wicked agenda of RSS mind set behind this propaganda, but the police and the state administration prevented the press conference and didn’t allowed the media to enter the residence of Geelani.

    The police and the state-administration in a bid to appease their masters in New-Delhi sealed off the entire residence-cum-office of Syed Ali Geelani and didn’t allow anybody to enter or to leave the office premises, reads statement issued.

    While strongly condemning the today’s police action, Hurriyat Conference said that the police and the state administration too are interested to keep the people in dark and prevent the truth to reach the public and to provide a one-sided chance to the Indian biased media for character assassination of the pro-freedom leadership of Kashmir.

    Hurriyat Conference question that the pro-freedom leadership should also get a chance to counter the baseless and venomous allegations of the Indian media against them, but the state police and administration while giving first preference to their employment and salaries didn’t let the media to enter the residence of Geelani.  

     Huriyat Conference on Sunday said that Indian authorities resorted to character assassination of pro-freedom leadership and added that the services of agencies like NIA are being employed to defame and to delegitimize the real representative character of resistance camp.

    Huriyat said that the reports & details of properties prepared by NIA, are quite fraud and added that biased media is propagating & promoting cooked and fabricated stories & contrary to this reality is quite different.

    Commenting over the role played by resistance leaders, Hurriyat said that since past 70 years the Indian authorities and its biased media always carried its defamatory campaign against pro-freedom leadership.

    Subjugated people have always reposed their faith in leadership and this annoyed, irritated and frustrated authorities and hence Syed Ali Geelani has always been their prime target or their agencies, said Huriyat.

    They are carrying damaging propaganda against Syed Ali Geelani and the reason is quite evident that he always represented the aspiration of people, said Huriyat.

    Huriyat added that Syed Ali Geelani always resisted  and resents the Indian hegemony and hence authorities out of frustration are resorting to these under hand means and even tried to assassinate him.

    After they failed to cow down his spirits, authorities feel desperate to malign freedom movement and thus services of NIA are being utilized to evolve a negative impression about Syed Ali Geelani, said Huriyat.

    Hurriyat Conference clarified that Syed Ali Geelani never followed his political carrier as a means for trade, material gains or for his livelihood, instead pursued his mission likewise that of obligatory prayers.

    Huriyat declared that resistance leadership never feel shy or is afraid of any accountability in public.

    Denying any unauthorized, illegal or disproportionate property being in his custody, Huriyat said that his daughters are married while as his two sons including Dr. Nayeem Gilani, and Naseem Gilani, have no illegal assets.

    Indian authorities under well thought out plan have framed conspiracies; however, we are neither afraid nor we will give up our mission, said Hurriyat.

    These conspiracies, negative propaganda and fabricated reports about properties won’t help new Delhi nor will they dampen our spirits, said Huriyat.

    Huriyat while declaring the reports of properties prepared by NIA, added that they are quite fraud and said that India’s biased media is telecasting and propagating cooked and fabricated stories, while as reality is quite reverse.

    Denying the reports of NIA about properties allegedly amassed by Syed Ali Geelani and pro-freedom leadership, Huriyat said that we are considering the details and will come with the actual figures to aware people and world community about the misinformation campaign and malicious propaganda of Indian authorities.

    Hurriyat Conference has decided to take legal action against the NIA and Indian Media about the character assassination of its leaders and family members for which the Hurriyat Conference has started consultations with the legal experts regarding the issue.