Right time for Modi to solve Kashmir issue: Hakeem Yasin


SRINAGAR: The PDF chief and legislator from central Kashmir’s Khansahib, Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen on Tuesday said that it is the right time to solve the Kashmir issue for Narender Modi because he has won with majority can come up with a brave decision to solve this issue permanently.

He further said that unconditional dialogue process should be started between the two countries in order to find a satisfactory solution. Had It not been an issue, then what was the need to made Lahore Declaration, Shimla Pact and other treaties.

“It is an internationally recognized issue, the sooner it will be solved the better it will be for both countries to save them from the mass destruction. You cannot ignore Hurriyat when it comes to the solution of Kashmir issue because they have a healthy impact on conditions of Kashmir as the large majority in Kashmir fallow their protest calendar and accept them as their leaders by heart”, he said.

He said that PDP is losing their confidence among the public due to failure of their fake promises which they are unable to fulfill, secondly BJP is taking full advantages of delivering their agenda, making their party more strong in the valley.

He also said that we need to stand unite and must not fall prey to communal elements and vitiate the inter-religious harmony. “The Muslims of Kashmir have always yearned for home coming of their Pandit brothers. The fact of the matter is everybody in Kashmir particularly the Muslims have suffered more than the Pandits and are still becoming the victims of this long pending issue”, he said.