Nayeem Khan visits Beerwa, expresses condolence with bereaved family


    SRINAGAR: Senior Resistance Leader and Jammu Kashmir National front (JKNF) Chairman, Nayeem Khan today visits the bereaved family of slain Beerwa youth, Tanveer Ahmad who was killed in army firing.

    Speaking on the occasion, resistance leader terms the killing of youth as an act of highhandedness by forces. He said that the forces have resort to criminal acts in the valley.

    Khan also expresses solidarity with the family of slain youth. Nayeem Khan tried to console the parents of Tanveer who are almost devastated after the murder of their son. Expressing deep concern over the ever-increasing barbarism upon the innocent and unarmed Kashmiri people by the Indian forces, Nayeem Khan said that unarmed people are being butchered at the hands of Indian forces to crush the freedom sentiment of the oppressed people. Nayeem Khan paid rich and glowing tributes to Tanveer Ahmad and other martyrs. He said that blood of innocents will definitely cry and the day is not far when oppressors will have to answer for every single drop of blood.

    He said that not only the number of civilian killings has increased enormously since some time but innocent young people are also chased by police as if they are criminals and their lives have been turned into hell by the men in uniform. “It indicates that New Delhi and its local agents are trying everything to kill and crush the freedom sentiment of the people of Kashmir”, he said.

    He said , “On one hand, Indian government is claiming to be a big democratic power but on the other it has turned the life of common people a hell and in Kashmir, its forces are on path of genocide”.

    He said that men in uniform are also damaging private properties and every attempt is made on their part that Kashmiri people are targeted in every respect.

    In a statement issued, JKNF said that Nayeem Khan managed to reach the ancestral village of the slain youth amid huge deployment of security forces in the area.