Unseen and mysterious forces are desperate to create chaos in state : Geelani


    SRINAGAR: Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday said that some unseen and mysterious forces are desperate to create chaos in state.

    “These forces are maligning ongoing freedom movement, have started a feverish campaign against pro-found leadership and ideology of Pakistan”, added Geelani.

    “Our movement is an indigenous in nature and has nothing to do with those organization with global agenda”, said Syed Ali Geelani and added that they are slaying innocents and desperate to turn Muslim world into wreckages.

    Commenting over reports about desecration of symbolic “Hilali Parcham “(flag carrying star and moon) and undesirable propaganda by few elements against leadership, Geelani termed it a well-organized plot and added that it is a misadventure aimed at to create confusion and divert attention from dreadful situations in Kashmir.

    Indian authorities will take advantage of this, said Geelani and  India while justifying its arrogance and bullying in state will portray our freedom struggle as globally affiliated terrorism.

    “A few sick minded elements are promoting all this and unintentionally a few immature youths get swayed by this”, he said. Geelani blamed anti -Pakistan elements for creating chaos and said that the negligent depiction of “Jihad “is aimed at to misguide innocent youth and make them aggressive against Pakistan.

    Geelani while referring to chaos & infighting in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other Muslim countries, said that Islam aims at to build a society in peace, serenity, friendship, collaboration, altruism, justice, and virtue.

    He said those people instead of serving the cause and liberating Palestine, Masjid Aqsa from oppressors are slaying muslims, thus have no mandate to represent Islam and Muslim community.

    Blaming Washington and Telavive for fomenting trouble and creating anarchy in Muslim belt, Syed Ali Geelani said that Muslims are being used as fodder for this mindless strife and infighting.

    Weaponry and shrived intelligentsia used in Arab Peninsula is from west and thus Muslim countries are being destroyed in a planned manner, said Geelani.

    Criticizing elements creating mess under the garb of this so called “holy doctrine”, Geelani said that they are hell-bent to create a new phenomenon and philosophy against Pakistan and resistance leadership in state.

    Appealing youth to organize against this, Geelani asked to resist and resent this trend and their sinister designs and added that we need to introspect and understand the devilish plans being floated by our enemies

    We have been facing immense hardships as such we can’t afford to import such senseless thinking, said Geelani

    Geelani rejected the idea of calling UN resolution as unislamic & while referring UN resulutions said that these serve as substance matter for global-level agreement and has been agreed upon by both India and Pakistan & guarantee the legitimacy of this issue and thereby verdict of people in state.

    Referring to these agreements and accords, Geelani said that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) too documented various treaties with Jews, Christians and other non -Muslim communities & accorded full honors to these agreements.

    Geelani said that Islam and Kalema form the ideological basis of Pakistan   and added that despite a few flaws, it is a fact that this country is a divine gift from Almighty Allah, and those relying on negative propaganda against Pakistan are hurting sentiments of both Muslim community and Islam.