Geelani pay tribute to Burhan, his two associates


    SRINAGAR : Paying glorious tributes to Burhan Wani, his two associates & those 118 killed by occupational forces, Syed Ali Geelani said these sacrifices infused a new life in resistance movement.

    Syed Ali Geelani while praying for all those martyred since 1931, said that those brutally massacred during peoples uprising in 2016 presented invaluable and exemplary sacrifices.

    Syed Ali Geelani while hailing spirits of people said that they are very much sensitive and serious about resistance movement. Geelani said that the nation will never budge from its stand and will carry their mission till its logical end.

    “He is a role model for our youth”, said Geelani, while referring to Burhan Wani and added that sacrifices rendered by Burhan are praise worthy and exemplary. “He is our hero and his martydome serves as a mile stone & an inspiration for generations to come”, he said.

    “Seeking Almighty’s blessing and respite from slavery”, Syed Ali Geelani said that I pay my salute to this legend and added that despite a budding youth, he proved a mature and dedicated warrior.

    Referring to the annals of history, Syed Ali Geelani said nation is pursuing their freedom mission since 1931. Prior to 1947 state was reeling under despotic rule and later India forcibly occupied state with its military might.

    Geelani said that despite being weak and suppressed nation, we never accepted the forced occupation and resisted all type of tyranny tooth and nail.

    Geelani said that despite facing brutalities and brutalities inflicted by Indian authorities, nation is pursuing a pious mission and won’t forget the sacrifices of their heroes’ who since last seventy years are presenting their lives.

    Shaheed Burhan Wani is a shining star of our freedom movement and we are committed to the mission for which they sacrificed their lives, said Geelani.

    It is obligatory for us to stay away from shame elections and while ridiculing pro-Indian parties for their gimmicks, Geelani said that they have no right to pay their tributes to those martyred on july 13th 1931 as their mission of freedom is yet to accomplished.

    They are betraying their mission and their sole aim is to get into power corridores he adds. While lashing at these politicians, Geelani said that they have no right or justification to visit these or pay their homage as they are exploiting their sacrifices.

    Geelani expressed his deep anguish over the continuous loss of innocent lives and said that it is the outcome of threatening statement of Indian army chief that innocents are being targeted and mercilessly killed without any justification and added that despite all odds people will pursue their struggle against all sorts of terror tactics and forced occupation.