Growing tendency of young boys attempting to join militant ranks: DIG North...

Growing tendency of young boys attempting to join militant ranks: DIG North Kashmir



Police prevents 05 boys from Pattan and Naidkhai areas

SRINAGAR: Police said that there has been growing tendency over past few weeks of young boys attempting to join militant ranks.

In recent times Baramulla police has been able to save 05 boys from Pattan and Naidkhai areas with the help of their families who approached police and with joint efforts of family and police these boys were rescued, police said.

“After counseling they were handed over to families. Although we have been able to save many such boys but this dangerous trend can be stopped only with the help of conscientious citizens of the society” DIG Nitish Kumar told media.

While talking and counseling these boys police has found that some unscrupulous elements taking advantage of the vulnerability of young age lure these kids with their poisonous propaganda especially on social media.

“These elements who have stakes in violent atmosphere run hundreds of fake facebook profiles being operated across the border often misconstruing the facts. They apply the same modus operandi like ISIS with extremist interpretations of religion thus inciting the innocent boys to violence and consequently making them to join militancy. Many other people who make extremist speeches at various plate forms especially in mosques are also actively involved in enticing these boys to militant ranks. This should be a huge concern for the society. Though police has been taking action against these elements but  false propaganda unleashed through social media across border is adversely impacting young minds”, he said.

He said, “We appeal to all right thinking people belonging to any school of thought or political ideology to come forward to help police in saving our boys from getting consumed in violence. There is a dire need of creating a conducive atmosphere through dialogue with these vulnerable youngsters and counsel them to refrain from taking these extreme steps”.

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