Sorry state of affairs at PHC Delina, patients suffer; Health Minister assures action


    BARAMULLA, 03, JULY: The sorry state of affairs at Primary Health center (PHC) in Delina of Baramulla district in north Kashmir have rendered the local population to suffer. Patients and attendants at PHC alleges that the doctors in the center are frequently unavailable besides Aasha Workers have rendered pregnant women to suffer.

    They said that the Doctors at the center are following trick of referral only to avoid work load. They added that the staff at the center also leaves early besides arrives late which has turned an official time scheduled mare a witticism. They said that the patients have to visit on alternative days to see a particular doctor.

    “We hardly visit this health center. We prefer to visit district hospital as we know, either there will be no concern doctor available or they will simply refer the patient. So it is better to save time and visit the District hospital”, said an elderly resident.

    Ironically according to the patients, there is no follow up by the Aasha workers to assigned pregnant women. They wonder who is to share the accountability in the Primary health Center.

    “They made me to visit the health center three time just to get enrolled after i conceived. Sometime they told the Doctor has to enroll you details, so come on next date once she will be present. Then on second visit they told Asha Worker is not here. Finally after few visit, I got enrolled and was given number of Aasha. But since then Aasha worker is not picking up the phone call. Then i was told, you will be given another Aasha worker, but till that there is not development in my case”, said a pregnant woman at the health center aguishly.

    Worth to mention, the PHC Delina have good number of Doctors made available by the department, be it a dental doctor, Physician or a Gynecologist, but despite that the patients return aghast and unhappy most of time.

    “There is hardly any check by the higher ups to make the staff at health centers accountable. You can see huge crowed at district hospital, it is only because of undue referral from different health care centers. If we receive genuine cases of referral, it will surely improve the patient care at the prime hospital. This has add huge pressure to the doctors at district hospital and this has to be checked on. This is case with almost every primary center.” said a Doctor at District hospital Baramulla on condition of anonymity.

    When talked to Director Health Service, Kashmir, Dr Saleem -Ur-Rehmaan, he said that he will look into the issue and ask the concern CMO. Ironically, the Director refutes the claims just to avoid sharing of any responsibility or to assure intervention into the official apathy.  He said, “I have no Jadoo Ki Chadi. Let me ask CMO. Whatever you are saying, i don’t think is true. If any patient have any issue, give him my office number and my PA (personnel assistant) will attend”.

    Minister of Health, Asiya Naqaash when asked about the issue, she said, “I will take action. You go on and publish whatever the issues are”.