Summons by NIA  aimed at breaking resolve of pro-freedom leadership : Freedom Party

Summons by NIA  aimed at breaking resolve of pro-freedom leadership : Freedom Party


Condemns Shabir Shah’s continuous house arrest

SRINAGAR: The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Friday expressed strong resentment over the continuous house arrest of its chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah saying the state administration has broken all records of tyranny and brutality.

In a statement issued to press, DFP secretary general Moulana Abdullah Tari said since Shah was released in 2011, he has been in police detention or under house arrest for a period of 3 years and 9 months and during this time he was barred from offering 252 Friday and 13 Eid prayers. “During this period, many of Shah Sahib’s close relatives passed away but he wasn’t allowed to attend the last rites. He is not allowed to even offer the congregational Friday prayers,” he said.

He said Shabir Ahmad Shah has spent 30 years of his life in jails and the administration by incarcerating him is resorting to “political vengeance.”

Criticising authorities, Tari said such “undemocratic” acts puncture the balloon of the so-called ‘battle of ideas’. He said through such actions, the administration “has validated our point that there is no such thing as ‘freedom of religion’ in the state”.

He said PDP by entering into “unholy” alliance with BJP has proven its government to be the most “useless” and “selfish one as for power it turned the whole State into a virtual jail.” Is the ‘freedom of expression’ the right enjoyed only by those in power?, Tari questioned.

Tari strongly condemned the issuing of summon notice to the resistance leadership by Enforcement Department and NIA saying such measures are aimed at breaking the resolve of pro-freedom leadership. “We will continue to fight for our rights till our last breath and cannot be cowed down by such repressive measures,” he said.

Meanwhile, the DFP secretary general slammed authorities for intensifying arrests and search operations across valley particularly in south Kashmir areas of Islamabad, Shopian, Kulgam, Pulwama, in connection with the martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Burhan Wani.

“People are harassed and arrested during nocturnal raids. Several activists of Freedom Party have also been arrested. Our martyrs are our heroes and we will continue pursuing their mission till our last breath,” he said.