Government High School Bhatoli,Bhalessa in Shambles



BHADERWAH: In yet another bizarre example of poor education system in the Bhaderwah constituency , the students of Govt High School Bhatoli, Bhalessa have to take classes under open sky as the school functions in a three room ramshackle building in murky surroundings.

Established 20 years back as primary school Bhatoli and upgraded to high school in 2008 , the school here reflects a grim picture vis-à-vis providing learning to the students. The school, located on the Chilly Manoo roadside without fencing, doesn’t only grapple with the problem of space constraints, the surroundings around the school are such that even animals would hesitate to roam around there.

The old walls have developed cracks and floor has broken at many places. Even many students of lower classes do not have jute mats for sitting.The surroundings of the school according to locals and teachers are murkier than a cow shed.“Keep education aside, the children are at risk as the surrounding area in the school is murky. The students can be seen spending time and playing in the murky waters and mud surrounding the school as there is no playing field.

The education department as well as the local administration has turned a blind eye towards the concerns of poor students,” said Sanjay Singh Thakur ,National Student Union of India leader from Bhalesa . He said that the education department is making fun of the poor students as they are being forced to take education under the open sky and in the murky surroundings.

“Who would want to send his ward to such a school where classes are taken under the open sky and where even animals would hesitate to sit,” he rued.

He said that it is a shame for the government and at the same time it was depressing to see the authorities acting as mute spectators despite being apprised about the situation time and again. A student of 7th standard, said that they have to face a lot of hardships owing to space constraints and murky surroundings. He said that they don’t have toilet facility and there is no playing field in the school, thereby forcing them to play and spend time in the murky environment around the school.

“Come summer, winter or rain, we travel to school covering long distances to study under such difficult situation. Then we are expected to compete in various competitive exams at the national level with peers from metropolitan cities who face no such challenges,” shares another Class 9 student .“The damaged school building has now become a safe haven for gamblers and junkies as the education department as well the local administration has abandoned it, speaking volumes about their concern towards the poor students,” the locals said.

Surprisingly, there is no laboratory or library in the school while the classes are mostly conducted in the open due to the fear of collapse of rooms any time. The cattle graze in the compound and sit in the varanda, moreover several doors and windows are broken. Cow dung is seen scattered in the Veranda and other areas. There are no washrooms/ toilets in the school, according to locals.The pathetic condition of the school can be gauged from the fact that in the absence of basic infrastructure, the locals residing near the school have started encroaching its compound, as the school has no boundary wall.

The room of the Headmaster witnesses water logging during the rains. There is no arrangement of drinking water. The students in rotation bring water themselves in buckets from a natural source located at some distance. Not to talk of staff toilets, there are no toilets even for the boys as well as girl students of this High School. Even after implementation of RMSA, the school remained the same without proper building.

In the absence of School ground, the students here have never witnessed any sports activity and they often miss the opportunity of participating in sports events.People appealed to the Director School Education Jammu to take the cognizance of the matter and take necessary measures without further delay.