Assembly: Opposition stages protest, corners Govt on killings, use of pellet


    SRINAGAR: National Conference and Congress leaders on Saturday staged a protest sit-in outside the Jammu and Kashmir assembly to protest the civilian killings and use of pellets on students.

    The leaders were carrying placards with messages like ‘Stop State terrorism”, “Stop use of pellets on students”, and “Stop innocent killings”.

    The Jammu andKashmir government has convened a special session of assembly today to debate the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation in the state.

    Earlier Congress party took a dig at the ruling BJP-PDP government for using pellets on students, especially girls. “How can our daughters drive scooties and use laptops when you blinded them with pellets?” they asked.

    They also demanded that the names of civilians killed in firing by government forces be involved in obituary references.

    Earlier, DevenderRana of National Conference accused speaker of eroding the credibility of the House. “You are working at the behest of New Delhi to destroy the House,” Rana told Kavinder Gupta.