‘Dr Zakir Naik deserves Nobel Peace Prize’

‘Dr Zakir Naik deserves Nobel Peace Prize’

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By: Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

Dr Zakir Naik starts his career with less than 50 people as audience in his lecture but as time passes, because of his dedication and determination now he uses to deliver public talks all over the world.

It reminds me his favourite verse of Quran “If Allah helps you none can overcome you”. There were also instances when he was in controversies as well but he managed to overcome all the hurdles to get King Faisal award and I wish one day he will be nominated for Nobel peace prize.

Dr Zakir is the founder of Peace TV and president of IRF (Islamic Research Foundation). He holds number of responsibilities on his shoulders while delivering any public talk he uses to gather more and more knowledge and he goes for in depth analysis before delivering a public talk because he always care for the authenticity of the talk. I personally like one thing about him that he calls himself student of Islam and comparative religion.

He does not call himself a scholar though he is one of the finest scholars of Islam that history has ever produced. He made efforts to hold peace conferences in Mumbai every year and it has become regular affair of his organisation. In these peace conferences different scholars of Islam from different parts of the world take part and deliver the lectures on the various issues.

Dr Naik has memorised Bible, Gita and various religious scriptures of the different religions. He is doctor by profession but he has given up this profession in order to become a full time Daee of Islam. Now Alhamdulillah he is serving Islam 24×7.

He dedicated his whole life for Dawah. He also trains budding Daees of Islam and is also inspiration for millions across the globe. Sometime back he was in controversy and was banned to tour to UK (United Kingdom) but later on he gave the lecture to Oxford Union through satellite communication from India in which university students were present, which was aired Live on Peace TV. He usually debate with the non-Muslims and his arguments are to the point and without any doubt remove the misconceptions about Islam. His arguments receive claps from the audience and win their hearts and minds.

Non-Muslims also acknowledge the face that Zakir Naik is a knowledgeable person.
Some of his talks like women rights in Islam, is terrorism Muslim Monopoly etc. These Islamic talks attract the hearts and minds of the people of all ages especially youth. Dr Zakir Naik is number one Islamic icon in India.

I can recall famous debates with some non-Muslim personalities like the debates with Dr William Campbell, Rashmibhai Zaveri on the topics Quran and Bible in the light of science and is non-vegetarian food permitted or probhited? respectively.

The debate with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was also eye opener for all of us that was the pinnacle of his debating skills in which he clearly won the arguments one after another even the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was also impressed by the knowledge of Dr Naik. This debate was on the topic God in Hinduism and Islam.Dr Zakir Naik should be given Nobel Peace Prize in future, he definitely deserves more.

The writer is Law Graduate from Kashmir University and Masters in political science from IGNOU

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