Book Review: ‘Bumpy Roads’ Glimpses in the Meadows of Memory


This book is based on real life stories with universal messages.  Section 2 is about healthy life style and the book is designed for youth .

Highlights of the Book   

The book has two sections especially designed for student community and is now available in Kashmir

  • Real life experiences with universal messages of Humanity for all readers.
  • Easy steps to successful study for students.
  • Medical school life
  • Top tips for weight loss
  • How to quit smoking
  • Save yourself & society from alcohol and Drug abuse
  • Healthy life style.

Author profile:

Dr Ibrahim Masoodi graduated from Govt. Medical college Srinagar , Kashmir and then pursued D.M. in Gastroenterology at Postgraduate Institute of Medical education and Research Chandigarh India . He is currently working as Consultant Gastroenterologist and Associate Professor of Gastroenterology  at Taif University School of Medicine Taif, KSA.

Here are the excerpts of the reviews of book from east to west done by prominent academicians and authors:

Annette de villiers,  Author and editor London

I am sure this book will inspire , instruct and amuse its readers .Dr Ibrahim Masoodi s stories of medical school life are particularly endearing and should encourage those who are battling through their training and bring back many memories to those who have completed it.                                                                                                  

Catherine Bates, Author of dreamy girl and stony bridge

Writing a memoir is not easy, finding ways to strike the right balance between personal memories and the lessons learned from them. The author has managed to strike just the right balance in this one. His personal beliefs and generous philosophy of life shine through on every page. It is an excellent book.

Mr. Farooq Kirmani, Business improvement manager Pap worth trust Cambridge UK

Some books are written after robust rigorous research whilst some, like a gushing, giggling mountain stream, seem to flow straight from the author’s heart! “Bumpy Roads: Glimpses in the Meadows of Memory” by Dr. Ibrahim Masoodi is one such book. 
The most striking quality of the book is how the author has captured the zeitgeist of times through a selection of anecdotes from his personal life while growing up in the Himalayan mountain valley of Kashmir. Almost everyone from the author’s age group, who grew up in Kashmir, will relate to each and every one of the anecdotes described in the book. The book, undoubtedly, provides a virtual insight into the society of Kashmir during those times. Coming from Medico with super-specialization in Gastroenterology , the author of this book deserves special congratulations.

Prof Zahoor A Baba, Associate Dean cum chief scientist , Faculty of Agriculture Wadura Sopore Kashmir.

This is an informative book. The ocean of knowledge and facts of life are presented in a concise form in the simple English language which makes the book understandable to all. The chapter Medico in green Pastures, real-life experiences of the author at our faculty brought back sweet memories.

  Syed Inayatullah

This book is awesome. Reminds me of my childhood days serial “Malgudi Days”….
So grounded, real, relaxed, simple and amazing stories…. actually I am short of words to describe this book. Really a wonderful write-up.

Prof Surraya Jabeen, Former Associate Professor ,J&K Higher Education Department

Presently when all around is confusing, uncertain and life is moving helter-skelter how will one feel if gets some time to sit all aloof, calm and cool—go through an interesting book written skillfully from the core of ones heart. That is “BUMPY ROADS” by a renowned Gastroenterologist Dr. Ibrahim Masoodi. 
Read thrice-intend to revise again.
That is about book “Bumpy Roads” depicting uneven roads of life.
I desire him to write a book based on experiences about his present setup of life- away from home. Hope that will also be a master piece

For Short stories from the book “Bumpy roads” -Glimpses in the meadows of memory: Click Here.

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