Stone pelters releases video; says ‘We don’t support Hurriyat or mainstream’


 SRINAGAR: A video of masked stone pelters has gone viral on social networking saying that they don’t support any political party or Hurriyat.

The video has so far share on Facebook hundreds of times with scores of comments. In the video two masked youth standing behind the ISIS flag held a question answer session related to the stone pelting brigade.  The questions they answered are as:

Q: Yesterday India today said that stone pelters get Rs 300 for stone pelting. Is it true or wrong?

Answer: All Kashmir people know it is a wrong thing. India today and Indian media are trying to misguide their own people. We are not affected anyways by this. Still we will go at the encounter sites to help our Militant brothers.  Not only at the encounters will site to help militants but stone pleters be available anywhere where there is injustice. Whenever Kashmir requires blood, stone pleters will be ready. It is not at like this that we are being paid or any Pakistani master is sponsoring us. No one sponsors us. This is our sentiment. This is sentiment of youth, which we express through stone.

Q: Are you supporting Hurriyat?

Answer:  No, we are not supporting any of the organisations that play with anyone for its own interests, or that bow down before anyone. We have only one motive we fight war, we are fighters, we are soldiers. We don’t support any political party nor any political party supports us, be it any mainstream or separatists. We are just the soldiers of Allah. We are Kashmir youngsters, local boys. We have no affiliation with any political party. This stone pelting on Indian forces is being done to let them know that that we can resist and for them occupation can prove costly and bloody.

Q: Why are showing ISIS flags?

Answer: See these ISIS flags are not ISIS flags. This not flag of any group or country. This flag was hold by our Prophet. You open Quran and Hadith. This is Flag of Islam. This is Flag of belief.

 Q: What do you want?

Answer: We want that the forced occupation of Indian force in Kashmir should be removed and Islam should conquer.

However the authenticity of the video could not be verified. The location of the video is also unknown.