Two fake militant’s confession before Hizb commander, video goes viral


SRINAGAR: A video which is believed have been released by the militants goes viral on social sites, in which two boys are confessing their involvement in extortion and harassment of people in their name of militants.

In the video, two to three militants with AK-47 guns are seen beating two boys at some unknown location during night hours.

In the background, the voice probably of famed militant commander Zakir Musa justifies the beating of boys saying they were defaming militants and were involved in extortion and harassment of people in their name.

“These are young men who used to extortion of money in our name, harass people in our name, they were involved in various cases. That is why they are being punished. This is a lesson for everyone who defame or go against us, they are traitors. This should be an eye-opener for them, hope they back out from all they have been doing. Whosoever doesn’t repent, will face the harsher punishment,” he says in the video.

Then Zakir repeats the warning to those, he says, are anti-movement, “Those who don’t give into words, do understand with kicks only, we hope they repent now.”

Before concluding his message, Zakir says, “We don’t care what people say about us, we only look to Allah for our deeds. We will In sha Allah bring shariah law in Kashmir. Whosoever doesn’t fall in line shall be taught a lesson.”

Citing the example of these two boys, Zakir says that if these boys will not stay away from their past deeds, we will kill them.”

Another militant asks these two youth, to reveal the names of their other partners. The young boy spotting beard pleads for forgiveness and is being heard telling that he has revealed the truth about the names of two other boys of two different villages of South Kashmir.

Lastly, the boys in the video are asked by the militants to seek forgiveness from people. The boys while pleading for forgiveness say… “We were mistaken, we were beating boys in the evening hours, we defamed militants, and we were collecting money in the name of militants. We seek forgiveness from all those people whom we harassed.” (Inputs: News dispatch)