Masked youth asks LeT chief to arrange heavy weaponry for Militants; video goes viral


SRINAGAR: A video of a Kashmiri youth, who appeals Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) chief Abu-Dujana to arrange sophisticated and heavy weaponry for the local youth who want to join militant ranks to fight India has gone viral on social networking in Kashmir.

In a five minute video clip, shot at some unknown place, a Kashmiri youth with his face covered says, many Kashmir youth want to join the militant ranks, which they can’t due to the unavailability of weapons.

“I appeal to the Abu-Dujana to arrange some 10 to 15 experts from Pakistan who can make big weapons like rocket launchers, mortar shells and machine guns for militants to fight Indian forces in Kashmir,” youth says in the video.

Without identifying himself, youth asks LeT chief to watch videos of Afghan war on youtube to see how Afghan successfully fought Americans with these weapons.

“Every Kashmiri brother wants to join the war against the Indian terrorism as fear of gun and bullet has gone out of us now, once our youth will have such weapons, we can cause bigger damage to the Indian forces and will win the war in short seven month period,” he said.

“The aim of the video is to tell that our militants have only AK-47 and few magazines. Abu- Dhujana should get experts from Pakistan who can make these weapons for us to clean India forces from here,” he said.

The youth uses both Urdu as well as Kashmiri languages in the video, saying militants have no sophisticated weapons.

The masked youth in the video also appeals people “to stay away from polling booths.
He asks youth “to sabotage the elections and further appeals Dujana to send his boys to carry out attacks on polling booths”.

“Don’t let others cast their votes. Stay away from this polling process to respect those who have lost their eyes with pellets while fighting for the freedom,” he says in the video.
He adds that mainstream politician would not bring anything to Kashmiris except bullets and pellets.

“The elections are to be held in next few days, don’t make joke with martyrs and pellet victims like Insha. Please boycott these polls,” he says in the video.

In the video he also appeals policeman “not to collaborate with Indian forces”.

“You should understand that you are collaborating with the enemy against your own Kashmris brethren. You should know that in civvies you are civilians like us,” youth says in the video.