Book Review : “I want to Marry, but”


Title: “I want to Marry, but”

Author: Nisaar Nadiadwala 

Pages: 88

Publisher: Discover Islam education trust

Review By: Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

The book is about importance of Nikah(marriage). The book “I want to marry, but” is the second book by the author. The author has written this book beautifully , his style of writing is wonderful and it keeps the readers interested.In this book he writes about reasons of delayed marriages, life before and after wedding, how the behaviour should be between the husband and wife . The author has actually written notes on Facebook and complied them into the book to motivate Muslims, so that to get their children married at right age. In this book he highlights the real life experiences in some chapters of the book which attract the readers.

The book is spread over 32 chapters and 88 pages. The author has highlighted the issue of delayed marriages and he asks young boys and \girls of their lack of responsibility and their career chase for the long time in their life. On this issue he wrote a full chapter “our  priorities Marry at 21 or pursue studies or make both”. In this chapter he wrote real life experience and he gives solution how we can pursue studies as well how we can go for marriage at the same time. The author expresses grief over spending large amount of wealth on weddings. Some chapters he wrote in this book on this issue are “Business of Marriage” “The big bang weddings: how grand are our weddings?”

The book is a masterpiece, some chapters in the book are absolutely wonderful like ”Importance of wali” ”Engagement does not mean she is you Mahram”  ”The big bang weddings; how grand are our weddings” ”A pleasant spouse; A delightful life! A wonderful Aakhira” In one of the chapter the author discuss some dangerous things happening to the girls in the west who are into illicit relationships, there is no better option than to marrying your children at right age. In chapter 8 “Age of consent or marriage? A fresh look at marriage  perspective!” the author writes  age factor is never an issue in  fixing up a marriage, A truthful man like Abu Bakr As-Siddique never  minded his daughter getting married to the prophet (PBUH) . Ali bin  Abi Talib got  his daughter married to umar bin al Khattab. Even Nobel  men love to marry women who do not mind their physical and social  shortcomings because of their religious inclinations. This is expected when Muslims and muslimah desire to marry a person of religion.

In chapter 10 ”Importance of wali” author recalls his real life experience. He writes Dr. Isar Ahmed almost came to tears when he  recalled the divorce of one of his daughters. Author further writes  that his mother’s maternal grandfather had seven daughters and no son  he used to sell milk in an small village and yet out of his dedication  and passion towards his daughters he took each of them turn by turn to  Hajj, he got them all married to good men. A wali in real sense.  The author also highlightes the pre marriages dangers like engagement. He wrote that engagement does not mean that she is your Mahram. About engagement he writes in detail in one of the chapters in the book “Engagement does not mean she is your Mahram- the pre marriage dangers” he writes Engagement ritual is a crap dust it into a bin. The  author has encouraged the readers to go for early marriage at the  right age. He also writes in the book that millions of boys and girls are deprived from the blessed sunnah Nikah as Nikah goes delayed due  to our Materialistic attitude.

In the preface of the book the author is very grateful to Fareed Ahmad and his wife Zaynab for editing and sequencing it in order and to his  young friend Zahack Tanvir for cross checking and making the book  presentable. The book is excellent package for youth, parents as well  as for married couples in order to guide them to search answers of delayed marriages and various issues related to marriage rather than excuses -” I Want To Marry, but”

About the Author – Nisaar Nadiadwala is a well-known public speaker onIslam and interfaith dialogues for over 15 years. A ex- senior speaker  of IRF Mumbai, he has delivered more than 200 talks in English, Urdu  and Hindi. Head of the Trainer’s Gallery, he takes special interest in the grooming of youth through his workshops. Some of his popular  workshops are: Brain Capital: Invest your Intelligence, and Da’wah  Outputs. He has authored one more book The Modest Muslimah. He has  written 500+ Facebook notes, read and shared by more than 50,000 readers.

The writer is Law Graduate from Kashmir University and Masters in political science  from IGNOU

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