Delaying resolution of Kashmir will raise destruction, crime

Delaying resolution of Kashmir will raise destruction, crime


The Kashmir Issue  is Political one in nature and demands political solution. Delay in finding the solution will only raise the graph of destruction and crime.

The Kashmir globally being ” Heaven on Earth” is contemporary known as ” Flash point “between India and Pakistan which has created and inducted miserable, paramount cruelties and challenges for the inhabitants residing in the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Silence of world community has made the long pending issue of Kashmir more complex. The unsolved Kashmir Issue is  playing a vital role in determining  international  politics and have changed the relations between different state actors across globe. I firmly believe that if Kashmir Issue will not be solved at earliest , it will engulf whole South Asia into its ambit.

After the killing of a Burhan , the Kashmir valley has witnessed a worst cycle of violence, in which 93 innocent people lost their lives, hundreds lost their eyesight for ever, thousands behind the bars and thousands injured.

On the one hand, Hurriyat conference issued time to time weekly Calendars against the civilian killings and kick start the indigenous movement for the right of self-determination. Already in Jammu and Kashmir’s 8 Lakh educated youth are unemployed, unrest affects the livelihood of thousands more.

The experts believe that due to unrest, terrorism, psychological problems, unemployment, illiteracy and crime rate will increase and such indicators are disastrous for any Nation to flourish.

My question is that, if India maintains the view that Kashmir is an integral part of the union, why Kashmiris are suffering from the worst kind of  violence and arrogance by the hands of its political masters? Why Justice and transparency are not delivered on the ground? Why under the shield of AFSPA and PSA intellectuals and youth are being put behind the bars?

Killing of innocent people whether civilian, policemen or Army men are highly condemnable and barbaric act.  The Kashmir solution is a political one and demands humanity in its first stand to go with.

History shows that when both the countries were ruled by English, Kashmir on that time was independent and the prosperous Nation. The Indian leadership must admit this historical fact and should come forward with big heart and rational outlook with an intention to nip all the evil in the bud. It is power of love and care which can change the hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people not gun and violence.

Political experts believe that ‘The violence begets violence’. The world’s highest Indian Army in number stationed in a small valley of Kashmir has proved the fact that Violence, Gunpoint, suppression, dictation, arrogance, Human rights violations, kidnapping and other tactics had isolated people from the rest of India and result in losing the moral authority in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in its first bluff.

The Kashmir so called Paradise on earth is changed in the battlefield rather flesh point between India and Pakistan. Kashmiris have a heart and a mouth to speak and raise their true voice but atmosphere is systematically organized in such a way that such Voice makes no sound anywhere in the world.

The Home grown Militancy in Kashmir  especially south is due to political dialogue , lack of economic opportunities , excessive militarization , repeated Human Right Violations by Security forces and Hindu nationalism.  Hurriyat must introspect and should come up with a clear cut and result oriented policy in the ground , otherwise not to  cry after every killing.

The writer is a Social Activist and Head Al Mehdi (a.s) Welfare Foundation, presently studying at Jamia Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

(This is a personal blog and the views expressed above are the author’s own. Kashmir Patriot neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)