Teenager’s pictures circulated on social sites, labeled as army informer

Teenager’s pictures circulated on social sites, labeled as army informer


‘Police yet to take note of it’

The video above has gone viral on different WhatsApp groups. 

Below are some of the Pictures shared and posted on the facebook social site by different users.

SRINAGAR: In a shocking allegation and alleged expose, pictures of a teenage girl have gone viral on Facebook, WhatsApp, who is being labeled as an informer of army and police. The girl in pictures is seen brandishing with a pistol and bottle of Alcohol in few of her picture circulated on the socials sites.

A video of the girl is also being circulated on the WhatsApp, in which a video maker in his voice over claims that she is an informer of security forces and has a role in killing of militants.

Posted by Wani Asif on Monday, February 6, 2017

The details of the teenage girl being circulated as: “Name: Zainab, R/O: old town Baramulla, Phone number: 9107026424, she is an agent of Indian army and police, she recently abused shaheed BURHAN MUZAFFAR WANI and edited group of BURHAN MUZAFFAR WANI to Indian army zindabad. Aur isnai hamarai BURHAN ko bohat gaaliya di aur tamaam mujahidun ko. Please share if you love shaheed BURHAN MUZAFFAR WANI.”

The pictures of the teenager came as a shocker for many people. Some blaming girl for doing alleged role of an informer, while some believes that the picture of the girl being circulated on social sites without any authentication is not justice.

Pertinently these pictures are being circulated from last many days, but there is no confirmation to the allegation. Meanwhile the police is yet to take note of the matter or to take any action.

There are scores of comments and shares of these pictures. While commenting on the post, many believes that the police authorities should look into the matter to prevent any threat to the teenager and her family. On the other hand many wrote against the girl believing that the allegation against her is evident after seeing her pictures posed with pistol and a bottle of Alcohol.

Below are some of the Pictures shared and posted on the facebook social site by different users:  


Posted by Mir Saqib on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Posted by Shïêkh Ûmér on Monday, February 6, 2017


Posted by Rebel'x World on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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