UDAAN candidates left unemployed; stranded at Chennai


‘We were taught anti BJP lessons’

SRINAGAR : Jammu and Kashmir unemployed graduates, who left valley for Kanathur in Chennai under UDAAN employment scheme alleged that  they were not offered any placement as promised even after completing the three months training program.

The candidates said that they were promised job under the very scheme adding that, “We have not been given the same’’. They said that they pursued UDAAN placement scheme and attended three months training.

They left valley after they were told that they are being placed in Construction Company called Jain Housing and Construction in Chennai.  “But we were left high and dry here with no jobs”, job aspirants said.

“During the training of three months in the class main discussions were held over steps taken by Modi led government and the image was created among J&K students that BJP is a communal party”, they said.  They said that they wonder what ha politics to do with our training program.

Aspirants said the head member of the training centre MICT (Mehta Institute of Career and Training), Joshua Genrard is a working member of congress.

One of the job aspirant Suhail of  Jammu province said, “we were 18 students among them 7 survived others left to their respective homes back due to the unhygienic and ill treatment of UDAAN with us here.”

He said that out of 18 students 9 are still awaiting placement.  They alleged that due the institute held a fake interview in which one of us was asked questions like “Did you watched Rayees or Kabil” and no other such technical questions were asked to us.

The Human Resource of the Jain Housing according to the aspirants told them that they can’t issue offer letters as they have been asked by Joshua Gerand not to issue the same.

They said that they are forced to leave. “We are stranded. We don’t have even pocket money. We came here for the hope but we have been neglected by the UDAAN scheme which is giving sleepless nights here,” Suhail Ahmad from Kanathur Chennai said.

He said, “Majority of the candidates, among around a hundred are putting up in a hotel at Kanathur Chennai. We did not receive the monthly promised earnings”. They demand the intervention of the Jammu and Kashmir government at the earliest.  (PTK)