Caught on video: Begging in the name of Kashmir in Hyderabad

 Caught on video: Begging in the name of Kashmir in Hyderabad


This video was posted by the facebook user, Bilal Bali, who is working with network 18 etv news channel. Bali along with the video narrated the who episode by writing and raising the concern of defaming Kashmir in different state of India.  

A Matter of Concern 

By: Bilal Bali

Today i came out from Masjid after Friday prayers. I found some young kashmiri guys asking for money with some images printed and laminated.

They were young guys i asked, why you are begging for money?. They said “we are poor”.  I said you are young and energetic, why don’t you work to earn?

They said you know, we have very difficult situation in Kashmir, so we came out for this. I said please don’t use name of Kashmir for your personal gains or begging, its bad for our image.

They become silent and slowly started closing there collected money. Then a lady member of same group entered and i asked her same, Mam why you doing this?. She said,”we came for some days here, we are poor”.

Then i object, please don’t do this on the name of Kashmir. meanwhile lady forced the boys to escape, but before going she thought we are caught, she started shouting that you are Gujjars, who are responsible for killing Kashmiris.  “Its you who make us beg. i said fine, but we Gujjars are not begging we are working hard to earn livelihood.

I said them, please stop this and said them #ALHAMDULLELH we the people of Jammu and Kashmir are enough capable to earn two times food and we have our own shelter. Please don’t use these images for begging they escaped from situation with in no time .

But they left many questions in my mind,. Why we are traveling approximately 2500 kms for begging. Are we really such help less that we cant earn our food for two times. Even the boys claimed “we are student of Kashmir University”.

It make me remember one of my friend from Maharashtra, when i came here at Hyderabad, he asked me Bilal, is this true you have very difficult situations that you can’t earn money for your food so you start begging. I denied its not possible a Kashmiri can’t beg just for food.

Then he told me, “Every year many people’s from Jammu and Kashmir comes to our place asking for money”. I was totally shocked, how its possible but toady i realized he was right.

I don’t know that if i am right for posting this video, but i felt very bad today after this. Why we are doing this to defame the image of Kashmir.

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